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Frozen shoulder

Full page slideshow of exercises from here prepared by our colleagues at Urmston Physio

Here is a patient information leaflet also prepared by our colleagues at Urmston Physio

Frozen shoulder is a disease process that results in a painful and stiff joint. All movements are reduced and pain is a major problem for patients.

Most cases occur without a clear cause, but often an injury (or even surgery) can precipitate the condition.

Arthroscopy (keyhole surgery) can be a good way of treating the problem. The inside of the joint looks inflamed in this video, a typical feature of a frozen shoulder. A capsular release done through the keyholes provide rapid relief of symptoms and improve movements.

Download a review on frozen shoulder. This is copyrighted work by Jospeh Glover as a part of his undergraduate Student Selected Component project. It is a good overview of the condition and has copyrighted artwork.