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My research project for the MSc was based on about nine hundred total hip replacements done in Bradford Royal Infirmary using ceramic bearing surface. The first case was done in 1980. Clinical and radiological follow up of these cases had continued since the operation.

I collected clinical data and also analysed the available radiographs - about four thousand - that were available in digital format. The analysis was with Image Pro Plus, a software package.

My aims were

  1. Survivorship analysis of the ceramic total hip replacements
  2. Radiographic analysis with attempts at predicting failure and identifying the causes.
  3. Confirm the extremely low wear rate of ceramics.

Professor Fisher, my supervisor for this project, is the head of Mechanical Engineering in Leeds University. His unit is responsible for pioneering work in the field biomaterials for total hip replacement

My thesis is on the clinical survivorship, and radiological analysis of cementless ceramic hip replacements. This details methods of assessment of digitised post hip replacement radiographs, on a computer system. There are techniques of measurements of wear and radiolucency, which are largely automated.

The thesis was accepted after an examination in August 2000, and the degree was awarded in September 2000.