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Arthroscopic Subacromial Decompression and Biceps Tenotomy

Subject: Feedback following Left Arthroscopic Subacromial Decompression and Biceps Tenotomy
Message: I had my operation on the 12 April 2012, after months of severe pain in my shoulder and arm, following a fall.
I was referred to Mr Roy who was courteous, understanding and explained the procedure to me thoroughly in terms I could understand.
The operation was successful and I am now having physiotherapy. I noticed immediate improvement as the pain I was suffering from had subsided.
I would strongly recommend Mr Roy to anyone out there.


Subacromial Decompression

“I had a shoulder injury which was affecting my quality of life and by sheer luck was referred to Bibhas. One operation later (and a whole lot of physio) I have full use and movement, a great outcome. I would suggest anyone in the same situation should get in contact.” January 30, 2011

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Andrew Clarke

Rotator Cuff Repair 

So pleased with everything from initial consultation with Mr Roy through to the Operation and now my recovery!  Mr Roy is a lovely man who completely puts you at ease. He is an expert in his field and this shows throughout. The physio I received afterwards from Helen has also been excellent. It has been 11 weeks since my operation and i have so much more movement back it is wonderful. Thank you very much for everything.


AC Joint excision

Day after surgery -

Thank you so much for yesterday and explaining all to myself and ......

I am typing this two handed and feel surprisingly good.
Exercises are progressing well but I am popping tablets for now.
The video highlights the fraying on the tendon very well, not to mention the precision and accuracy of the surgery. It is very calming to see the quality of the surgery and also,,,,,, It must have gone very well for the video to be released :-)
With a slight bit of training you could become an excellent engineer you know!
Seriously Mr Roy the entire event went very well,
I am already on the mend and singing your praises from the highest mountains (I did mention I was still taking medication)
All is good on the shoulder front, too good really, sympathy has all but disappeared which I am blaming you entirely for

Suprascapular Nerve Block

(72 hours later)

I arrived back in Saudi this morning so here is a brief update,
Shoulder pain has subsided, but arm (bicep has dull ache along the nerve (center line), but it is not painful.
For a couple of days after the injection I could feel the nerve running down my arm, this feeling has now subsided. 
I have slipped over once and this hurt my shoulder but my arm did not go completely numb as before  
I have slept much better since the injection
 Thanks once again for getting me sorted in such a quick time, and please pass on my thanks to all the staff who helped.

Arthroscopic Tennis Elbow Release

The whole experience was fantastic, the service was superb and Mr Roy was wonderful, he fully explained the procedure to me and he was very caring and professional.

I had the surgery and left the hospital the same afternoon. After leaving the hospital I went out that night and managed to play a game of snooker!!
Full story here

Every day I could do a little more with it, even eating with my normal hand. I saw a physiotherapist a few times who gave me exercises to strengthen my arm. I would also wrap a tea towel packed with ice around my arm to damp down the inflammation,
which helped.

It’s wonderful; I can drive again and am even planning to go fishing now that I can lift a rod once more. I’m back to my old self. And there’s just a tiny scar.

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